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Protected Areas NEAR Ponte de Lima

Bertiandos and S. Pedro de Arcos Lagoons protected landscape


4990-062 Ponte de Lima
District Viana do CasteloCounty Ponte de LimaParish Ponte de LimaTel 258900400www.lagoas.cm-pontedelima.pt

This protected landscape is made up of humid areas, forests with natural vegetation, various rare or endangered vegetable species and agricultural areas.

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Access Parishes of Bertiandos, S. Pedro de Arcos, Estorãos, 4 Km from Ponte de Lima and 19 Km from Viana do Castelo, between River Lima (South) and Serra de Arga and Serra de Cabração (North), with access via National Road (EN) 202.Area covered 350 ha.Pedestrian Routes Routes: The Solar Route, the Cruzeiro Route, the Azenha Route. Itineraries: Lagoa Itinerary, Tapadas Itinerary, Rio Itinerary, Veigas Itinerary, Água Itinerary, Rio Lima Itinerary.Services available Interpretation Center, Camping, Guided Tours

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